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Hi, my name is Anaya and I am a combined Indian Spiritualist and Traditional Healer. I have been gifted with my ability and the spirit of a powerful Indian Goddess, Mother Kali since the age of 9. By the age of 11 I was apprentice to a powerful African Healer. Since then I have grown in my ability to see and remove unseen obstacles in people’s paths. Obstacles that prevent success in what you do, prevents you from getting what you want and holds you back from happiness and love. I am very reliable and always successful at solving and providing solutions for people’s problems. Before you decide to call a spiritualist, you should ask yourself two questions. 1. Why see a spiritualist or traditional healer? 2. Where can I find one that is reliable? The answer to question one is easy. There are obstacles in your path to happiness, success that you cannot see and remove. These obstacles hinder success, love and happiness. If these obstacles are not seen and removed then things go wrong and continues to do so. And if these obstacles are not removed then negativity continues to grow in your life and unhappiness soon follows. However, and gratefully, there are very rare and gifted people who can see and remove these obstacles. I Lady Anaya am one of those people. I can see these obstacles that are ruining your life and keeping you from happiness, success and love. I can remove these obstacles and replace in your path success, peace, happiness, love and other things you may want out of life. Now the answer to question two “where can I find a spiritualist that that’s reliable” is not so easy. With a vast number of spiritualists and traditional healers out there it is difficult to tell who is authentic or real. You could go through many without getting the results you desire. I must warn you, you could get more than you bargained for like very negative results were your life just gets worse. However, to make the answer to this question easy I must ask you to contact myself Shanthi Singh. If you have any doubts about my ability as an Indian Spiritualist and Traditional Healer, give me a call, WhatsApp, or email. Lovers who have drifted apart are brought back together. Having problems with your husband, children or in-laws? How about friends, relatives or someone at work? Do you have enemies who are out to get you? Are you troubled by black magic, witchcraft, etc.? Are you not getting what you want? Well the list goes on in all our lives and you may have tried everything but nothing has worked out and now you don’t know what to do? Well contact myself Anaya. Know that if you are reading this article, then Hope and opportunity has come to you. I understand your problems as I am a person just like you. Whatever your problem is you may be free to call myself Anaya, professional Indian spiritualist and Traditional healer for solutions to all your problems leading to a fulfilling life meaning an abundance of peace, happiness, success and love and for getting the things you want. Contact me to book a consultation. Call or WhatsApp +27603749999

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