We have Species Of parrots and Macaw.Hyacinth Macaw African Grey Green wings Macaw

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It’s with great sadness I need to re-home our beautiful macaw due to unforeseen circumstances with work commitments.I need to find them a perfect home with someone who has the knowledge of these amazing birds and lots of time to give them Extremely reluctant sale, They are super tame and such a babies, please private message or (501) 819-3807.
My primary goal is to put them with someone who will have lots of time and resources for them.
They are 19 Months old with all papers and cage and java play stand which they loves..!TEXT US AT: (501) 819-3807

We have species of Birds…
Hyacinth Macaw
Blue and Gold Macaw
African Grey
Green Wings Macaw
Cockatoo parrots
TEXT US AT: (501) 819-3807

Contact Person Name ninnasluisia
Phone Number 5018193807